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A recipe that is perfectly balanced

Why are superfoods super?

The prestigious Dr. D. Gregorio Marañón defined Gazpacho as “The smartest combination of all the simple foods that are essential for good nutrition.

Gazpacho is a natural superfood loaded with medicinal, nourishing, hydrating and refreshing active ingredients.

You can drink it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and serve it as a delicious cold soup with or without any garnish. It can also be served as a salad side dish with meat or fish dishes or as a healthy and nutritious dessert if you add your favourite fruit.

What is Lycopene?

Lycopene is a powerful natural carotenoid antioxidant responsible for the red colour in fruit and vegetables.  It is found in particularly high amounts in tomatoes.

Studies conducted by Harvard University, the University of Adeleide in Australia, the University of Almeria and the Soroka Medical Center in Israel confirm this and have proved that this carotenoid prevents the oxidation of low-density cholesterol and reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. They have also concluded that ingesting 25 milligrams of lycopene on a daily basis can reduce LDL cholesterol levels by 10%.

According to these experts, there are many different and powerful compounds that exist when these foods are added. For example, antitumoral action in olive oil, such as polyphenols, which is added to the effects of bioactive substances in tomatoes. For all of the reasons above, MAJAO is a superfood.